Add the Human Element to Your Market Research

Use CMNTY Platform to interact with the people behind your customer data. Develop a deep understanding of customer needs and build more authentic and profitable relationships.

Create a Community

Discover Customer Needs From the Inside

CMNTY helps you improve your market research by connecting you to customers in a secure online community. Interact on a human level to create stronger, more resilient customer relationships.

Evolve continuously around customers and adapt to their changing preferences and market conditions with speed and scale. Develop successful products, services, experiences and brand purpose aligned with customers.

"Customers are not just making decisions based on price, product quality and customer experience anymore. They are now assessing what a brand says, does and stands for."
- Accenture | The Rise of the Purpose-Led Brand

How It Works

CMNTY Platform is a Connected Market Research Platform for Qual and Quant data collection, moderation and analysis. It connects to various data points where your customer data lives and connects you with the real people behind this data in a secure interactive space.

How CMNTY works

Customer Data

Import and segment customer data stored in CRMs, survey tools and with panel providers.



Enrich your data by interacting with real people in discussions, chat and brainstorm sessions.



Combine static data with high quality insights to make timely and better-informed decisions.


The Human Factor

The beauty of being able to interact with customers in an online community platform is that you can find answers to questions you didn't even know you had. Go beyond surveys and discover the reasoning behind opinions.

Group discussions

Group Discussions

On topic group discussions help you understand customer needs, while off-topic discussions can foster bonds.



Let customers take on the role of product designer for a day. Be amazed by the ideas they bring to the table.

Private messaging

Private Messaging

Discover the reasoning behind opinions by interacting with individuals or groups in private chat rooms.


Get Software with a Service

SaaS is great and CMNTY Platform is a true DIY platform. However, this does not mean you have to be on your own. In fact, a team of specialists is available to make sure your platform is configured to match your project goals. And if you need help managing the whole operation or with analyzing data, we are here for you too.

Design to Engage
Create a Community

Valued Partnerships

We are incredibly proud to work with some of the best market research and brand agencies in the world. No matter where you are located or how specific your niche is, we can connect you with a partner that is highly skilled with CMNTY Platform and understands your line of business.

"If we want to innovate for real, designing products, brands, services and experiences that are new, unique and different, then we all need to listen to people and observe them, interpreting what they do, mixing the data we collect with a good dose of intuition, imagination and vision."
- Mauro Porcini, SVP | PepsiCo


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Introducing MoodBoards

18 February, 2020

MoodBoards and MoodBoards Analysis in CMNTY Pulse are a new and exciting way for members to add content and a quick way for you to turn content into insights.

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