CMNTY platform on ipad and iphone
CMNTY platform on ipad and iphone

Engaging and Inspiring People to Grow Individually and Collectively

Our Mission

At CMNTY we believe that individuals and organizations are stronger when they are part of a community. That’s why we help people and brands come together in dedicated online communities. We exist to provide the best community platform that helps people grow individually, and helps brands gain a deep understanding of the people they serve.

Over 10 Years of Community Building Resulted In…

15K+ Communities Built
1.2M+ People Connected
32M+ Conversations Started

Our Story

CMNTY started in 2007 as one of the first idea crowdsourcing platforms in the world. Founded by Maxim Schram, “" democratized and revolutionized how products & services were conceived.

By connecting consumers and innovators to clients through an online platform, previously un-imagined ideas came to life through online collaboration. The ideas were monetized by the clients and the collective was rewarded with a virtual currency. Companies like Heinz, Sara Lee (Pickwick) and Ahold were among the first to use CMNTY.

In 2010 the same custom built software that was used for the crowdsourcing platform was made available as a SaaS solution. Now everybody was able to create their own social platform using a proven solution.

No matter if the need is Collaborative Innovation, Customer Engagement or Market Research, CMNTY Platform inspires hundreds of thousands of people everyday to connect for the greater good.

Our Customers

Our customers range from brands and marketeers, to innovators and researchers to anybody that believes in the value of connecting those who share an identity or interest. Is your organization ready to explore the collective? Reach out.

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