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Online Qualitative + Quantitative Research Platform

Your Client's Retention

It’s about you delivering results to your clients, it’s about satisfying their information needs in time and within budget. CMNTY Platform is built to deliver what you need to develop a successful long lasting agency-client relationship, without pressure from lagging technology.

Online Qualitative + Quantitative Research Platform

Your Ability to Deliver

CMNTY Platform is developed in close cooperation with leading market research agencies to ensure fit with agencies’ needs. Qualitative and quantitative methods are integrated into a single platform to support your overall research needs. Combining methods has proven to increase the value and accuracy of data collection.

Online Qualitative + Quantitative Research Platform

Our Commitment to You

Our pledge to you is to partner, listen and deliver by continuously extending and improving CMNTY Platform helping you to achieve your goals. Next to extending our services portfolio to support you even better, it can also include setting up technology partnerships that will provide exponential value to our platform and thus your offering.

Online Qualitative + Quantitative Research Platform

It's Your Branded Platform

We want to enable you to become successful with us and both share the economies of scale of online market research. Therefore, CMNTY Platform is fully customizable to adapt to your look and feel, or that of your client. Pricing is flexible with always all modules available to you. Start your project within a few hours or run multiple projects at the same time in different geographies in local languages.

Online Qualitative + Quantitative Research Platform

Proof Is in the Pudding

The best test of a pudding is to eat it. Are you new to CMNTY? Then your second project run with our platform is on us!

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"Focus on CMNTY Platform saves us time and money. With a one-click solution, we can invite clients and participants from anywhere to join a live group. This feels like a modern version of video focus group technology."

Lisa Covens, Leger.

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Enrich your market research with highly interactive and visual qualitative studies that people love to participate in. Get a free trial today.

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