Client Success Stories

Hundreds of community professionals worldwide work with CMNTY. We collect the most remarkable success stories of our clients here.

Karen de Visch
Senior Research Consultant

We had more than 105 members who were very active every day and received over 4000 forum posts over the course of our study.

Online Qualitative and Quantitative Research

As a really diverse market research agency, Profacts does research in a lot of different sectors. For example, we have projects that revolve around advertising, quantitative research (things like market segmentation), and also qualitative research, both on-and-offline (focus groups, individual interviews, and, of course, communities!).

At Profacts, my role as a senior research consultant means that I get to be involved with both quantitative and qualitative research, and I like that variation. I have a strong affinity with online work, so I am often asked to run the qualitative research.

Directing Change Through Community Insights

A recent community that we’ve run looked at a prominent radio station that was interested in changing their direction a little bit. Our research focused on understanding how their listeners felt about the different artists and voices out there, how the company’s slogan was perceived, and what general impressions of the company were.

We presented the community with new possibilities for the company brand and monitored, over a series of months, how their opinions adjusted to several new directions. It was actually a very extensive research project. We wanted to change the company’s brand, but at the same time, they needed to stay the same -- at least enough to remain recognizable to their fan-base.

At the end of our study, we were really proud at how many clear suggestions we had for our client.

In our first week, we took a close look at what community members noticed and mentioned about the brand. We collected lots of feedback, studied it closely, and made small changes to the brand concept. In the second week (a couple of months later) we tested our new concept to make sure that reactions were positive. At the end of our study, we were really proud at how many clear suggestions we had for our client. The community was very successful for this kind of research.

Our community made gathering research and insights easy. We had more than 105 members who were very active every day and received over 4000 forum posts over the course of our study.

Markus Eichel
Lufthansa School of Business

CMNTY Platform… was clean, simple, and intuitive.

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

We were looking for an online platform that would be able to run alongside internal workshops that were being given at the Lufthansa School of Business. One of the primary goals of the platform was to have 500-800 employees collaborate and discuss topics that were covered in our live workshops.

The flexibility made it really easy to react quickly based on the needs of our community.

An Ideal Community Platform

When we actually started looking into different software providers, we found that it was really important to have a responsive, mobile-ready platform. We wanted to make sure that our members would be able to access to the platform wherever they were.

Members felt that their contributions were worthwhile.

We knew that the platform was going to be used by ‘digital natives’ who were constantly on their phones as well as employees who didn’t necessarily use mobile devices on a daily basis. I have to say that everyone liked the CMNTY Platform from the start because it was clean, simple, and intuitive. Additionally, members felt that their contributions were worthwhile, and that, through the platform, they had access to get their ideas and opinions in front of top-management.

A Major Value Add

We have worked with other platforms before but they were big, massive, and, ultimately the lack of flexibility kept them from being able to fulfil our needs. With CMNTY Platform, I like that you can adjust it and customize it to your needs. The flexibility made it really easy to react quickly based on the needs of our community. This aspect of the platform really added to its value for us.

My advice to others who are considering running an online community would be to make sure to keep the platform engaging, to use rich media like images and videos to keep your community members interested and excited, and to check in on how things are going every single day. If members don’t feel that you are reacting to their input they will not return to the platform.

Paul van der Linden
Chief Operating Officer

Already seeing ways that the insights are helping us!

Communities Bring People Together

At Solarplaza, we've been organizing international solar energy conferences and trade missions for over 10 years. While we have great engagement at our events, it can be hard to maintain contact during the times between and we didn’t want to lose touch with the people we cared about including simply because we weren’t having events everywhere and all of the time. We also wanted to be able to listen in on the conversations that were happening within our community so that we could curate our content and match the interests that were most important to the movers and shakers in the industry. Finally, we wanted to create a place where investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals could stay in touch. CMNTY was the perfect solution to these concerns.

An Easy Decision

We learned about CMNTY through a personal contact of ours who was working at a leading market research firm that had been using their services for a while. We were instantly able to see how the platform could help us.

Moderation tools make it easy for us to listen in and understand where our community’s interests and concerns are.

CMNTY Platform provides us with easy tools for inviting our community so that we can continue to have contact with them between events. The built-in reward system encourages participation so that our community stays active, and the moderation tools make it easy for us to listen in and understand where our community’s interests and concerns are. The platform also lets users set up a detailed profile, reach out to each other through public fora and private messages and find each other through search, allowing them to scope possible partners and interesting contacts. Cha’ching!

Receiving High Praise

We sat with CMNTY and, together, created the Solarplaza Network. We have been receiving high praise for the community, and are already seeing ways that the insights are helping us offer more targeted content to increase engagement and drive up the value of the community for everyone who joins. We’re ramping up and will invite all of the people who’ve attended our events last year into the community soon. We’re excited to see what will happen! Thank you CMNTY!

Kerry Haworth
Knowledge Manager

There is no other platform that does analytics the way CMNTY does.

Why CMNTY Platform?

Well, we were looking for a solution with more bells and whistles than wordpress, ha! In all seriousness, the analytics were a big part of the decision. We looked at a lot of platforms and we discovered that there is no other platform that does analytics the way CMNTY does. I’m talking about quantitative to some extent, but mostly it’s the qualitative analytics, so critical to our work, that stand out.

In particular, the way that CMNTY Story lets you synthesize what people tell you in the community and then feed it back to them was a big plus for us. Completing this loop so easily is such a sophisticated feature and we love it. Story helps us make sure that the members of a community know that they are heard and, more importantly, it helps them to see their collective work and decide on the implications for their subsequent actions. It does wonders for engagement.

The CMNTY Experience

My experience with CMNTY has been really good. CMNTY is growing and we’re growing as well, so of course there are times when we have to manage and plan so that we can grow together, but it’s an amazing platform and the core functionality is very impressive.

It’s an amazing platform and the core functionality is very impressive.

Insights Galore

We have actually been able to make some significant changes to our social learning model based on data we access in the back end of the platform. For example, for a community of college faculty, we track student attrition (when and why students leave a teacher’s class). The faculty work on the CMNTY platform in small, coached groups and the platform lets me see which coached teams have the highest attrition rates and what the most cited reasons are. When I correlate these with how much time the coach spends online or how much time faculty team members spend online I can develop hypotheses about how online engagement affects student outcomes.

Everyone agrees that practices are changing for the better based on the things we’re able to find with our CMNTY data. I can see that putting the right people, processes, and platform together is a really powerful means of developing insights and creating a solid foundation for change.

Laren Droll
Designer, Carey Institute

I've never felt that the platform has limited me or that I've had to say 'no' to any request.

A Design Perspective

I’ve been working as a designer with CMNTY Platform for about 5 years now. My primary experience with CMNTY Platform has been creating and implementing layouts and crafting the look and feel for maybe a dozen or so community platforms. Most of our projects are quite custom, so I’ve come to know the platform quite well throughout the years.

My team has always been really happy with the designs that I’ve been able to create.

As a designer, I have to start by mentioning that I really like that the great CSS editor that’s built into the platform. Having access to that code in such an easy-to-use way makes everything I do possible. Since I do most of my CSS work using Saas to generate code, I am often copying and pasting entire CSS outputs to the platform. With CMNTY’s CSS editor, I can double click to select and paste my code. It’s those little details that speed up my workflow that I’ve come to appreciate, and I think it shows throughout their platform.

Full Control Over Customization

Control and the ability to customize our platforms to make each community unique has been an important aspect of my job. Because of this, I depend a lot on the custom elements and custom pages that are offered in the platform so that I don’t have to feel limited by some of the more traditional in-the-box kinds of features.

For example, with one of our communities it was important for us to have a very prominent and inviting login/registration page for our members. The CSS customization and the custom design elements that we were able to use helped us achieve this in a way that other platforms would have not been able to accommodate. This is just one example, but, as the first impression of our community, it was an important one for us.

I also use custom custom elements for creating banners to jazz up our page and call-to-action buttons to drive engagement. I have all the tools I need to make each page unique if I want, and add in eye candy to bring personality to our community. Same goes for the ability to customize newsletters -- we love being able to brand the communications to unify our messages.

Extra Bells and Whistles

What else can I say? I love the icon set that you guys have -- the one that lets you choose from all the different icons to put in front of your menu items. We really feel that it makes our activities more attractive and makes the site that much more engaging. We also love that, in addition to being able to link to your modules and any custom pages we create, we can also link to external sites in the main menu of the community.

I’ve been happy with to work with your platform and I also know that my team has always been really happy with the designs that I’ve been able to create. I’m asked to do a lot with the layout and I’ve never felt that the platform has limited me or that I’ve had to say “no” to any request. I think that speaks to the level of flexibility and the ability for customization.

Rolph Droste
Insights Expert

We love having google translation built-in. It’s invaluable for quick, real-time analysis!

Advantages of Digital Research

I think that online research is a really interesting approach to concept testing, especially when you are able to see visuals and apply searchable tags. You can really easily get fast insight into the pain points or the strengths of a concept. Depending on the needs of clients we may do both in-person and online studies and use them to build off each other, but we also have stand alone online communities.

We also find that members really like participating. So far, after every community we’ve run, we have received a lot of emails asking, “Where can we enroll for Beautiful Lives to participate in more communities?” We think it’s really nice to hear that people enjoy them so much.

Why CMNTY Platform?

We choose to use CMNTY for many reasons. On the one hand, we like how nice it looks, visually, because we think that helps engage members. On top of that, when we saw what CMNTY Platform could do, the decision to make the change was a quick one. For bigger projects, and especially for international ones, we think it’s the way to go. We love having google translation built-in so that you can do research in different languages at the same time and quickly start your analysis. Things like that make a big difference for us.

Built for Community Managers

I only needed one training to learn the software -- that’s all. I remember that, during the training, I was so focused on making sure all my moderators were getting the information that I was worried I might miss something important. But once I saw the back end I saw how obvious it was to find what you were looking for and make the adjustments you needed.

When we saw what CMNTY Platform could do, the decision to make the change was a quick one.

In the rare occasion that I have a question, I also like that I can always contact CMNTY. We have a dedicated account manager, and I think it’s really convenient that we have one person who is always the same to reach out to because they immediately know who we are, what we’re trying to do, and what our concerns are.

Multiple Languages Made Easy

Well, it was very important to keep a tight, synchronized schedule with our moderators. We often started with an activity and then used that as a jumping-off point to dive into deeper discussions. We analyzed the real-time data we got to give feedback to each moderator so that separate conversations could all go in the same direction at the same time. It might seem like a lot, but with the right technology, which we had in CMNTY, we felt that it was actually quite easy to have success.

Jennifer Adams
Senior Vice President

CMNTY Platform is Google-esque, very simple and clean, and has all the right elements.

Making connections

What I’ve always loved about communities is the human aspect of them. It’s the human condition, I think, to want to connect with others and to want to be heard. Communities do that in terms of changing brands and products so that they can better serve their consumers. Even though it’s commercial at times, it’s highly benevolent since communities simply serve as a way to help people get what they want from the companies they use.

Finding the right software

When I started working at ORC, they had already spent over a year and a half trying to find a good online community solution. I began a global survey of our options, weighing pros and cons. When we found CMNTY, at first blush, I have to say that I really liked it. It was google-esque, very simple and clean, and had all the right elements – everything we needed – from a nuts and bolts perspective. I really liked the pricing structure as well. We are what they would call a cloud client, which means that our licensing is billed per-platform per-diem. Our costs only go up when our workload does, so it allows us to scale without penalizing ourselves.

I can bring on non-techies and they can do almost everything without me.

CMNTY Platform also makes it easy for me to focus on my communities. Some systems needed a full on coding team to do the programming and front end design for communities, and that was something we couldn’t afford and weren’t interested in engaging with. We wanted this to be easy. It had to be sustainable for our company setup.

Highly Customizable

While CMNTY lets us do all of the customization we want in terms of how our community looks and what it offers, the fact that I can bring on non-techies and they can do almost everything without me is allowing us to go into the marketplace with a totally unique proposition (our digital hives) and distinguish ourselves in the field.

Our clients love the results

We were actually told recently that a senior exec said that the data we got was the best research she had seen from their department ever. It wasn’t surprising, but it was really nice to hear. That’s why we like our hives. They bring everything to life. They make things sexier, they help bring energy, and they make your research more relevant. I’ve launched over 100 communities… and every single launch day, let me tell you, you’ve never seen researchers more excited!

Femke Hendriks
Community Manager

Community research is… qualitative research with a quantitative twist.

Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative

At Blauw Research, we do all kinds of research. Some of our projects are heavier on the qualitative and others are heavier on the quantitative, but we do it all. When we’re talking to clients and assessing their needs, we usually tell them that community research is somewhat of a hybrid quant/qual methodology… qualitative research with a quantitative twist.

As a Community Manager and Researcher at Blauw, I take care of our community platforms from beginning to end. I will work with clients to create a strategy, set up the look and feel of our communities, recruit members, make sure member questions are all answered, try to make it fun for people to participate, and in the end I am also the one making reports and doing analysis.

What I like most about working with communities is that you get to build relationships with your members.

An Innovative Approach

Recently, at Blauw Research we’ve been seeing an increase in the uptake of community research or MROC requests. We’ve been working with communities for the past 10 years and we’ve gotten to see that the technology just keeps getting more and more sophisticated. When we first came across CMNTY, we were looking for software that could help us, as researchers, ask questions in different ways and that could handle multi-media (picture/video uploading). We wanted tasks that could be both challenging and engaging so that people could feel invested in their contributions. At the same time, we wanted a platform that was intuitive enough for our community members to feel comfortable and at ease. The fact that CMNTY Platform had all of these was a big reason why we went with them.

When I’m running community projects, I get to know much more about everyone and place their answers in context.

Building Relationships

What I like most about working with communities is that you get to build relationships with your members. When we do survey-only studies, for example, you never really get to know the people who are providing responses. When I’m running community projects, I personally know each and every member – what they value and how they live – so I can place their opinions in the right context.

Communities also help us build relationships with our clients. In particular, with our ongoing communities, we use one community for several projects with the same client. At this point, not only do we know our community well, but we’re also able to help advise our client better because we know how their needs will fit into the context of a community. Many of these relationships feel more like partnerships now.

Members Love Communities

Once there was a woman in a community that needed to go to the hospital. She contacted one of the other members to ask if she could let everyone know that she couldn’t be active in the platform for a while. It was almost like letting your colleagues know you aren’t coming to work that day. I was really surprised, and I think it’s a proof for how invested members can get in a well-run community.

Odette Vlek
Senior Market Researcher

CMNTY Software allows us to provide our clients with the most powerful and innovative research solutions.

A Customer Community Solution

Online communities are really great for charting customer journeys. In particular, if you are looking at customer journeys where unconscious or routine behavior plays a big role, you can get people to think and reflect on their own behavior, uncovering some very fascinating and deep insights.

We find that the people we invite to be members (the customers) always appreciate having the opportunity to give feedback via the community. On the flip side, for the brands, having the chance to interact and gather insights quickly is always really appreciated as well because they can quickly gauge values and understand customer feelings. The open ended nature of communities also means that brands can get information they may not have initially set out to collect, but that ends up being really useful to them.

We are happy to use CMNTY software to get the best results for our clients.

To get the most out of your community, we think that it is really important to give members enough space to contribute. When we do this, we feel that we are able to capture truly user generated content. Of course there are times when conversations need to be moderated, but we always strive to do this in a way that allows the target group to express their true feelings and opinions.

Quality Information

I like that I still get surprised every time I run a community -- not only by content (what people say and how open they are) but also the quantity of information they share. Most of the time, members are really active right from the start. I think that when you invite people with some common background or interests, the conversations just come naturally.

After one of our communities closed, someone created a Facebook group.

After one of our communities closed, someone created a Facebook group so that members of the community group could continue to discuss and keep in touch. I was really shocked -- but happy!

A Stand-Out Platform

The thing that really stood out to us was that CMNTY Platform is a really high quality product. Not only did it have the functionality we were looking for, but we could tell that your team put a lot of thought into the tools -- they are really innovative. We know, from how varied and comprehensive the offering is, that CMNTY spends time looking closely at the market to build software that will help drive our research. Ultimately, we feel that by using CMNTY Platform, we provide the best, most innovative community solutions to our own clients.

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