September, 2016 Archive


Public Help Center: CMNTY Software Just Became Fully DIY

The CMNTY Platform Q&A is moving to a public Help Center! We have long been proud of our Q&A. An extensive question and answer database, fully integrated into the admin section of CMNTY Platform. Lately, however, we’ve been wondering why this information should only be available to community managers. We think that a lot of people […]

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Market research

How Blauw Is Using Market Research Communities to Empower Clients

Meet Femke, a veteran community manager for Blauw Research. Femke is not only actively involved in deciding strategy for community research projects. But also crafts an inviting look and feel to the online space. She ensures that members are engaged and participating. Also, she analyzes community interactions to report insights and recommendations. Powered by CMNTY, Femke […]

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