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Community building

How to Invite People To Join your Community Platform

Anyone who has ever spent time agonizing over fonts and images in a branding message, or even just debated what to wear before an important event knows how true the above statement is. When you are building a community this is no different. We understand that you want to put your best foot forward. Exactly why these tips on inviting people […]

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Community platform

Should I Go For a Public or Private Community Platform?

Creating a vibrant community is not something that happens overnight. Successful communities are nurtured through thoughtful actions and attention to detail. A community platform has a lot of settings that can help you adapt to almost any community goal or situation. And while it may seem like a lot at first, our team is here to […]

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Insights community

How Profacts Built an Insights Community For Media Research

Meet Karen, an insights community guru for one of the top performing Belgium research agencies. As a Senior Research Consultant at Profacts, she engages in both quantitative and qualitative research, mostly for clients in the (online) media segment. Thus, we interviewed Karen a while back on how online communities are ideal to reach people easily […]

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Online community

CMNTY Cloud: Manage Multiple Online Communities

Running Single vs. Multiple Communities CMNTY Platform is our all-in-one online community solution. If your organization is running a community to gather insights and inspire interaction, you are probably just fine with a single, stand-alone community platform. However, if you are an agency running multiple online communities for your own clients, then CMNTY Cloud was designed for you. […]

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