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Community building

7 Things We’ve Learned About Community Building For Businesses

This month marks the 10 year anniversary of CMNTY! An ideal moment to look back on the past years and review what we’ve learned about community building and managing online communities for business purposes.in #1 Successful Building is 1/3 Tool, 1/3 Audience, and 1/3 Team You can’t build a community without a tool. And of course, you need an […]

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Community platform

Set Up & Learn CMNTY Platform Quickly With “Guided Setup”

A Powerful Community Platform CMNTY Platform is a powerful online community platform. Powerful in the sense that it allows you to configure it in hundreds of different ways, simply because there is a setting for almost anything. Whilst our power-users love this about the platform, if you are a first time user and want to […]

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10 Years of CMNTY – Special Offer: Get 25% OFF

10 Years of CMNTY Anniversary Discount: 25% OFF This month marks the anniversary: 10 years of CMNTY! To celebrate this with you, we are offering a one time 25% OFF any plan or upgrade. To use this offer, simply start a trial, go to the Admin section and click Activate. After choosing your plan enter […]

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Insights community

Build an Online Community Following The Why, How and What

You might be thinking about building an online community, but don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you have heard about online communities but you’d like to know how it can help your organization. This article follows Simon Sinek‘s “Why, How and What” to help you answer those questions. Before you build your online community, start with ‘Why‘. Understanding and […]

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