3 Reasons to Start With an Employee Community Today!

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Earlier we posted an article on how an online community platform can help your organization grow. Today we’d like to focus on just one of those applications. Taking a closer look at the benefits of setting up an Employee Community! When we spoke to our clients, we learned about the 3 major gains that are commonly achieved with Employee Communities.

1. Generate ideas quickly

The primary benefit of having an internal online community is that your employees can easily generate ideas and share perspectives. The Challenge module, for example, allows you to reach across your organization to get ideas from many employees across varied departments. Each with their own unique set of experiences, viewpoints, and priorities. Engage your employees and let them unleash their creativity!


2. Get the inside scoop

Host online discussions to get to know what your employees are thinking about! Our Forum module is the perfect space for your employees to express their feelings.  Both topics you host, as well as on topics they have created themselves. They can share knowledge, experiences, stories, and opportunities within your organization to help build a stronger team and keep your talent together.


3. Increase employee engagement

Give your employees a space where they can express their feelings, start discussions, and be in close connection with colleagues and management. The connections they make, and the access they gain to people across your organization, gives them a sense of validation that their voice is heard when decisions are made. As you well know, an invested team pays it forward many times over in the long run.

If you would like to get some tips and tricks on getting the most out of your Employee Communities, make sure to read our article about building an Employee Community that works!