5 Steps To a Skyrocketing Gamification Strategy For Your Community


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Gamification is a great tool for keeping people engaged, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to maximize results. We’ve listed the most important ones.

Step 1 – Keep it simple

When using a Gamification system, make sure it is clear for people how and why they can earn their points or badges. For example send a newsletter in which you explain the assignment, along with a link directly to it.

Step 2 – Encourage competition

This may sound obvious, be be sure to use leaderboards and user rankings to show who are amongst the best performers.

Step 3 – Create inspiring badges

Take some time to design beautiful looking badges. Make sure to create consistency between them and make sure they match your community platform’s branding.

Step 4 – Be transparent

People love getting rewarded for their actions. But if you reward people manually instead of automatically (based on triggers) be sure that it’s clear why a member has earned points or a badge and why not. Prevent disappointment by being transparent.

Step 5 – Incentivize

If possible and if you have the budget, enable members to convert their points to real money or gifts. Rewarding for intrinsic motivation is great, but if people can turn their rewards into something tangible then that’s always a plus.