5 Tips For Building an Employee Community That Works

Professional development

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Employees are the most valuable resources a company has. Numerous studies have shown that treating workers and raising morale pays off many times over in terms of productivity and willingness to go above and beyond. Understanding them can be a key part of keeping spirits high. A professional development platform can help.

A Knowledge Network

Employees are also a valuable resource in terms of  knowledge. Who knows your company better than people who live and breathe it all the live-long day? An Employee Community is the perfect solution for both keeping in touch with your employees, and helping to keep them connected both to the company and with each other. Here are a few tips to build a thriving community!

1. Management, be on Board!

Many companies find a gap between employees and management, or between departments. Whether or not this gap actually exists, if a gap is perceived, then it can be harder to realize benefits from inter-company collaboration. When you provide an Internal Employee Community, you’ll give employees the space to start discussions and share opinions with the top-management and with each other. When people are heard, company involvement will grow, new ideas will flourish, and you can speed ahead of the competition.

2. Share online, but also offline

Any company is, at it’s core, a ready-made community tied by common goals and interests. As such, it is also a wealth of information, knowledge, and experience. Harness that communal knowledge to strengthen every link in your chain by creating a centralized online space for this purpose.

3. Categorize your forums to prevent clutter

While there are many tools out there to foster engagement in your community, things like online forums can serve as a perfect space where employees can ask each other questions, start discussions, and provide each other with information on their expertise. But make sure people can find the information they are looking for and now where to add certain information

4. Use gamification

Give your employees something to discuss, motivate them by rewarding participation, or be a leader and show them how it’s done. Your employees will watch, learn, and begin to start topics and conversations themselves!

5. Keep challenging your members

People love challenges! If you are trying to think of new or innovative ways to approach problems and find solutions, why not ask your employees to help you think along? An employee community is a great space to challenge your employees and make work just a little bit more fun and engaging! Set up a challenge, ask your employees for ideas, and let them show off their creative talent.