Apply Page Logic to all of your Question Types Now!


CMNTY has been hard at work programming new features into our community platform and, today, we are proud to release Irene. Now available: apply page logic to all of your question types! Once again, our newest release is packed with more, new features, which include:

Two new languages! 

Irene comes with 2 more languages to choose from:
– Turkish
– Arabic

Page logic: route from any question type

Once you’ve updated to Irene, you’ll find that you can now apply page logic to all question types! Right now, the expanded logic will allow you to send community members from any question to another page in your questionnaire “when an answer is equal to…”. In the following weeks we will be further expanding on our logic feature so that you can direct members on other conditions as well. Stay tuned!

Email domain settings

A completely new section has been built to allow community managers to obtain their email settings documentation from within the platform, and check if the settings have been validated. No more waiting for confirmation emails — you can simply see the status from within the admin section.

Password security settings

You now have control over password requirements and can set:
– Password expiration (in days)
– The lenght of Passwords (in characters)
– Password reuse
– The Requirement of uppercase letters
– A Requirement of lowercase letters
– Requirement of numbers
– Requirement of special characters

These are just a few of the features that ship with CMNTY Platform 3.9. Check out your change log for a full list, and, as always, happy community managing!

Want to know more? Please contact us at or call us at:
NL: +31 (0)40 851 92 50
USA: +1 (646) 712 99 49