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The past couple of weeks have been exciting times for us with our recent acquisition. Meanwhile our development team continued improving the platform non-stop based on your feedback. Here’s a summary.

New: Added Feed Forward to Task Sequencing

In our previous update we introduced the sequencing of tasks, which gives moderators more control over the order of tasks within their study. Respondents can quickly see which tasks are next for them.

Earlier we focused on the UI for moderators. This time we improved the work flow for respondents. Whenever they enter a page that contains a task, we will highlight the task for them as a reminder to complete it. Once they complete the task, we will help them navigate to the next task. This results in higher completion rates and moderators have to spend less time guiding participants.

New: Added Sentiment Analysis to Open Answer Questions

Our questionnaire module is a great way to do a quick quant study. Our analysis page shows you the answers of all respondents in a clear and easy to understand format. Open answer questions are however harder to analyze because answers primarily consist of unstructured data.

In our June update we introduced word clouds creation for open answer questions. Word clouds are a great way to visualize unstructured data so we’ve expanded our sentiment analysis system to open questions as well. You can now visualize the overall sentiment of all open questions at once or on a per question basis.

Improved Ease of Use

As you may have noticed, throughout the year we’ve focused on making CMNTY Platform easier to learn and use. We’ve added smart little features like remembering the settings for your last export. We’ve moved options to a more logical place and added solutions like the Focus scheduler to aid you in preparing your study. In the next couple of weeks we are rolling out an improved admin menu. This new menu should help you find the available options of CMNTY Platform quicker.

What’s Next?

Soon we will be introducing options to reward participants for completing external tasks (like a Qualtrics survey for example). We’ll also improve the workflow for when using CMNTY Platform primarily for conducting focus groups and IDIs. So keep an eye on this space!

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