How Beautiful Lives Built an Insights Community For Market Research

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Rolph Droste is Insights Experts at Beautiful Lives, a consultancy firm helping brands innovate. Beautiful Lives is using communities as part of online research and Rolhp explains how that works.


Community research is a relatively new approach to concept testing. You can get insights into the pain points or the strengths of a concept very quickly. Rolph explains: “Depending on the needs of clients we may propose combining in-person and online studies and use them to build off each other, but we also have stand alone online communities. We have run communities before and have received a lot of emails from participants asking for more. However, the platform we used before was limited and a bit clunky, so we were looking for one that could grow with our business.”


Rolph continuous: “We chose to use CMNTY for many reasons. On the one hand, we like how nice it looks visually, because we think that helps engage members. On top of that, when we saw what CMNTY Platform could do, the decision was a quick one. We also love the built-in Google Translate functionality. It helps you do research in different languages at the same time and quickly start your analysis. Things like that make a big difference for us.”Beautifullives Community


When doing community research it is important to keep a tight, synchronized schedule with your moderators. This way you can create momentum and move freely from one activity to the other. “We often started with an activity and then used that as a jumping-off point to dive into deeper discussions. We analyzed the real-time data we got to give feedback to each moderator so that separate conversations could all go in the same direction at the same time. It might seem like a lot, but with the right technology, which we had with CMNTY, we felt that it was actually quite easy to have success!”