Meet Bernie van Hegelsom: CMNTY’s new community consultant!

Today we’d like to introduce a new colleague to you!
Bernie van Hegelsom

As a Community Consultant trainee, Bernie van Hegelsom will be joining our consulting team. During an intensive traineeship, Bernie will learn the ins and outs of being a great Community Consultant.

Bernie’s background
After graduating as a designer from St. Lucas, she started at Fontys International Lifestyle studies where she graduated last year on Gamification and Online Communities. A perfect fit for CMNTY.

While graduating, Bernie gained a lot of experience in online community strategies. “I mostly focussed on the client’s side of communities. So in CMNTY, I want to use my expertise to help us even better understand what our clients need from our products while keeping the platforms interesting for their target groups as well.”, says Bernie.

Sweets & Festivals
When Bernie is not working at CMNTY, you can probably find her at a concert or festival. She is a real sweet tooth and loves to watch series. So aside from asking her to advise you on your online community, you can also ask her which series are best to watch! Give us a call and you might catch her answering the phone.

Welcome to the team Bernie!

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