How Blauw Is Using Market Research Communities to Empower Clients

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Meet Femke, a veteran community manager for Blauw Research. Femke is not only actively involved in deciding strategy for community research projects. But also crafts an inviting look and feel to the online space. She ensures that members are engaged and participating. Also, she analyzes community interactions to report insights and recommendations. Powered by CMNTY, Femke believes that she is able to build real relationships with the community members she works with. Femke loves for example, that she can match up background information with answers she gets from questionnaires. By leveraging the latest and greatest in market research tools. She is able to get more information from community members and place them in more meaningful contexts ultimately allowing her to provide more value to her clients.

“Community research is… qualitative research with a quantitative twist.”

In her own words, Femke tells us, “At Blauw Research, we do all kinds of research. Some of our projects are heavier on the qualitative research side and others are heavier on the quantitative, but we do it all. When we’re talking to clients and assessing their needs. We usually tell them that community research is somewhat of a hybrid quant/qual methodology… qualitative research with a quantitative twist.”