Browser-Based Push Notifications For Your Community Platform


We are all familiar with mobile apps that send us up-to-the-minute news and updates via push notifications. These push notifications are a great feature that let us stay connected and never miss a thing!

Browser-Based Push Notifications

New developments with HTML5 also make it possible to send browser-based push notifications that do not require an app! Our latest release of CMNTY Platform is fully equipped with this feature, allowing you to keep your members engaged not just with email reminders, but with push notifications as well. We are releasing this feature natively for Chrome and FireFox users, and will be updating our software to support Safari, IE, and other browsers soon!

Increase Engagement

Need quick insights or quick responses? Just send out a push notification to nudge your members to visit your platform right away! It’s as simple as adding a message, a link to the platform, and choosing whether you want your notification to go to your entire community or only to certain user groups. Members who use Chrome or Firefox browsers on their phones can also receive the notifications on their mobile devices!

That’s not all…

For those of you already using CMNTY, that’s not all that comes with our new release. Check out your changelog for a full list of features and improvements!