Building A Social Community Around Your Brand

Community building

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At CMNTY we believe that brands can inspire people, but people can also inspire brands. When both are inspired by each other, amazing things can happen. That’s why we would like to tell you more about building a social community!

Why Build a Social Community?

You could wait until one of your customers comes by and leaves a comment or review on a social network. But proactively reaching out to people and asking them to share ideas, comments and reviews usually are far more effective. Not only will you be able to gather ideas and valuable feedback more quickly, it can also make your customers feel listened to. Knowing you are taking them seriously will increase chances they will stay loyal to your brand!

Insights Into The Customer Journey

Social communities can help you to get insights in your Customer’s Journey. If you have the resources to get things organized – and I assume you do – you can invite all your customers to join your own private online community.  Community members can also help other members that have questions about your product or services. This can reduce the work of your support department by up to 30%! Sharing experiences create a sense of community and being part of something big.


Give Your Customers The VIP Experience

Remember back in the days when Facebook and Twitter were still new? I do. It felt very special to be able to follow my favorite brands and show the world what my favorite brands were. It felt like getting inside information. Suddenly you didn’t just get information from the tv or a newspaper. You got it directly from the brand itself.

Nowadays, everyone can follow their favorite brands. Companies even hire people to talk back! Which is great, but it doesn’t feel special anymore, does it? The reason is that it’s starting to lose its exclusiveness. Anyone can follow their (and your) favorite brand and get the brand’s attention. So, why bother to engage?

Make Your Customers Feel Special Again

It’s important for a brand to stay active on social media and talk back to customers reaching out. But the real opportunity lies in building niche social networks designed to target certain customers segments. I.e. if you are a coffee company, build a network for millennials and a network for baby boomers. Create a place for like-minded souls. Learn how to inspire them, and they will inspire you. I promise.

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