Integrations Integrations connect the softwares you utilize to perform specific actions and the tools your company uses to share data between each other and create automatic rules for performing those actions. An integration allows for you to customize the operations of your shared software and tools to be specific to the needs of your workflow. CMNTY platform offers powerful integrations to better connect and analyze your community. Our Google Analytics integration allows for instant visitor information and allows for greater understanding on in-platform activity. We partner with Zapier to offer instant and simple integrations for the majority of software and tools companies use. We offer integrations to send invited upon a trigger occurring in another software, as well as the ability to trigger an action when a member signs up, off, or is frozen.  From social network login to Google Translate in-platform, CMNTY offers numerous integrations to improve and empower your use platform to meet the workflow right for your team and members.


Automate Community Tasks Using CMNTY’s Zapier App

Updated August 2018 In August 2017 we introduced beta access to task automation via Zapier. Our Zapier app has now gone public and allows you to connect your CMNTY Platform API with over 1,000 apps. We also added a new Give Points action. Sounds Good, But What Is Zapier Task Automation? Zapier is a tool […]


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