Introducing Chris Smeets: CMNTY’s New Developer

Recently we have welcomed a new member to our CMNTY Development team. Meet Chris Smeets!

Coding opportunity

Already since he was a teenager, Chris has had a great interest in everything that had to do with computers. While coding was all he could think about all day, he didn’t have the opportunity to enroll in university to perfect his skills. It wasn’t until his late 20s that the opportuniy came, and a new software engineer was born.

Chris Smeets

CMNTY’s trainee program

Chris was the perfect canditate for CMNTY’s software trainee program. A program where we try to get fresh graduates or undergraduates on the CMNTY bandwagon as soon as possible. “I really like the traineeship. Most of all because new ideas and creativity are always appreciated. Everyone strives to get the best possible results”, says Chris, who finds the job rewarding. “Every time I create something new, or fix a bug, I have a little celebration inside my head!”, he laughs.

“Full satisfaction”

In his free time Chris likes to go out with his family. “My girlfriend and my 2,5 year old son Jur, make me a happy and satisfied person” Chris says. Besides going out with his family, Chris also likes to invite friends over for dinner or a barbecue.

Chris, on behalf of the full CMNTY Team, we would like to give you a warm welcome!

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