Chronological Discussion Boards to Control your Community!


Today we officially released CMNTY Platform 2.4 (Felicia). This release contains many new features and improvements following our roadmap and feedback of our clients. You can now add Chronological Discussion Boards to maintain total control over the structure of your community discussions.

So let’s have a look what’s new in this version:

New module: Stepboard. Set-up chronological discussion boards!

We proudly introduce a brand new module called Stepboard. This module enables you to setup a chronological discussion board. Members will have to participate in every step to be able to see the next step. Stepboard will be useful if you want total control over the structure of discussions.

But… There is so much more!

Major improvements to data export

We have improved the data export with new functionality including the ability to download user documents (files), merge with custom profile fields and filter on user groups.
The files export enables you to download all user uploads (images, videos, documents) as a bundle of files. The customer profile fields function enables you to add custom profile fields to every export that contains user information. Combining information in an export can be useful to get real overview. Finally, with group export you can download content linked to a specific group, or content added by members of a certain group.

Extended gamification triggers

The gamification module has been extended with many new triggers. For example, you can now add triggers based on categories, groups, time frames, specific content and speed. Have a look at these new triggers and surprise your community members!

Custom roles & Permissions

In addition to the existing roles (community managers, members, observers and guests) it is now possible to create custom roles each with their own set of permissions. For example; You can create a limited Community Manager account for a colleague, who is new to managing communities and doesn’t need to see all options yet. If you are interested in using the roles & permissions, let us know and we will enable this feature for you.

Start- , end date and draft

We’ve introduced the start date, end date and the draft status a while ago. Due to all the positive feedback we received, we have now implemented this function into every module. Community managers can see all future and draft items in the front-end, while members will only see published items. All future, ended or draft items will have a colored label to indicate their status. A tooltip in the front-end will inform you the status of every item so there’s no reason switch back and forth to the admin to check the status.

That’s not all!
Visit the change log in your platform to see all new features that come with Felicia.

How to check if your platform has been updated?
In the bottom right corner of the admin section you will find the version number of your platform. If it mentions (or higher) then your platform has been updated! If not, send us a message and we’ll update the platform for you. Cloud users can now find Felicia in CMNTY Control.

Have fun with your updated platform!