CMNTY Cloud: Manage Multiple Online Communities

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Running Single vs. Multiple Communities

CMNTY Platform is our all-in-one online community solution. If your organization is running a community to gather insights and inspire interaction, you are probably just fine with a single, stand-alone community platform. However, if you are an agency running multiple online communities for your own clients, then CMNTY Cloud was designed for you.


Flexible Bundle

CMNTY Cloud is a flexible bundle of CMNTY Platforms. It comes with a virtual control panel allowing you to create and duplicate platforms on the fly. Therefore, you can pause platforms when you don’t need them, and re-activate them at any time. In case you should need to access data you collected earlier.  Moreover, since you only pay for activated platforms, this is particularly useful if you are on a tight budget and need full control over cost.

Creating a new platform with CMNTY Cloud is as easy as choosing a name and a url. It takes only 1 minute to create a new platform, after which you can start customizing the design and settings to match your project needs. You are in full control.

Introducing Version 2.0

This powerful tool. Which has been helping agencies reach more communities and do more with their resources. Just got more powerful. With CMNTY Cloud 2.0 we upgraded the design. Introduced two-factor authentication and strengthened password encryption. We also improved the overall security. And added faster processing to help you install, update, sync, and archive platforms in seconds. It now fully accommodates the growing demand of modern agencies.

Advantages of choosing CMNTY Cloud

  • Pay a fixed price per platform per day, but only for active platforms.
  • Activate or pause platforms instantly.
  • Use a custom wildcard-domain for all your platforms.
  • There’s no restriction to the number of platforms or members.
  • Get full control over platform design using CSS.
  • Use every available Module and Widget on each of your platforms.
  • As an extra service you will receive a fully functional showcase platform free of charge.
  • You will also get a sandbox platform to test changes before you deploy them to live platforms.