CMNTY Platform and CMNTY Panel are updated!


This week we are excited to announce updates for both CMNTY Platform and CMNTY Panel! Our development team has, indeed, been busy and we are happy to share a few of the features they have been working on:

Kate (CMNTY Platform 3.11)
We’d like to introduce Kate, our newest CMNTY Platform (3.11). As you know, we have been making leaps and bounds with our Questionnaire module improvements this year, and this release is no different. Kate brings with her a few new additions to our Questionnaire module, allowing you to set page logic rules if one of your community members answers with one of the following (allowing multiple positive triggers for routing) or with not one of the following (allowing multiple negative triggers for routing). Go ahead and get fancy!
not one of the following

CMNTY Panel has also received an update. We have a brand new design with an improved UI to help you manage your panels more intuitively and effortlessly! Of course, there are some new features as well…

Cancelling: We know that making mistakes is inevitable. With the current release of Panel you will now have the option to cancel imports and exports!

Custom Tokens: As you know, when you create invites in CMNTY Platform, a unique token will automatically be generated and assigned to each invitee. With the latest version of Panel, you will be able to  import your own tokens into CMNTY Panel. The tokens will be exported to your CMNTY Platform so they can be used for your invites!

Design Panel

Want to know more?
We are happy to talk to you more about CMNTY Platform! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to let us know! Email us at or call us at:

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