CMNTY Platform 3.8 Released

Version 3.8 (Halle)

Allow us to introduce you to Halle, our newest version of CMNTY Platform (3.8). As we say “hello” to Halle, we say “goodbye” to our legacy admin interface and start this new year off with some great strides forward. Here are a few new features you’ll want to know about:

User Deletion
Community managers have always been able to freeze users or ask CMNTY support to delete them. With the release of Halle, community managers can now remove users from their platform in one of two ways: they can either delete a user profile while maintaining all of that user’s content contributions (which become anonymized), or they can delete the user along with all of their content contributions. You decide!

Set Gamification Triggers
Gamification triggers can now be set in the new admin. Award points and badges, or set rules to award points or badges automatically. Keeping your community motivated, engaged, and happy just got a whole lot easier!

Setup Triggers for Dynamic User Groups
Dynamic User Groups (DUGs) can now be setup from within the new admin as well. You will find DUG options in your user group overview, where you can select triggers and even connect them if necessary to create multi-part rules. There are even more possibilities for managing your community members!

Expanded Questionnaire
Over the coming months we will be adding new question types to our Questionnaire Module. As you know, you can already use dropdown menus (single and multiple answers are supported), text areas/boxes, sliders, scales, matrixes, checkboxes and radio buttons. With the release of Halle, you can now use a few more:

Numerical Questions: Make sure that the answers you get are numbers when you need them in that format. You can also specify minimum and a maximum amount as well to keep responses within a preset range.

Date Picker: We now have a “date select” option that you can use as a question type. Respondents will be able to select a date from a calendar pop-out.
Date select

Multiple Choice Grid: This question type allows your members to select multiple answers from a set of choices for each line item in a grid.
Multiple Choice Grid

Sneak Preview
At the moment we’re working hard on improving the Questionnaire module. In addition to this, we are also working on other great new features, which will soon be available!

– Questionnaire logic will be available for all question types
– Two new languages: Turkish & Arabic
– More sorting and searching capabilities for Community Managers

We are exited and hope you are too!