BREAKING NEWS: Announcing CMNTY Platform 5


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CMNTY Platform 5 introduces new ways for community members to connect, stay informed and be more productive. Build stronger communities and derive better insights that help your organization grow.

Great news! CMNTY Platform is getting a major upgrade. We’re super excited about these new features, and hope you are too after learning about what’s new in Version 5.

All New Discussion Board Module

We’re introducing an entirely new module called discussion board. This module allows you to create a Board very similar to our existing forum module, but with a ‘threaded’ structure. Now community members can respond to each other directly, instead of having to place their comment at the very bottom or top of the discussion.

But having access to the Discussion Board module also gives you more options for creating distinct interactive spaces inside your community. An extra feature in this module is that members can add basic ‘markup’ to their texts. This for example allows them to make parts of their text bold or italic.

Beta notice: The discussion board module will be in beta for the first couple of months. For now, it will only be available by request. Please contact our Customer Success team via to request access.

Introducing Mentioning In Forum

A long-awaited feature is the ability to @-mention people. From Platform 5 on, members will be able to @-mention each other within the forum module. After they are mentioned, an email notification is sent to them so they know they are expected to read something or reply to a comment. Mentioning can be a powerful tool to create more engaged discussions and make them more personal at the same time.

Forum Digest System

Keeping your members engaged and informed has also become easier with the new forum digest system. This automated, weekly or daily overview email, summarizes the latest forum topics. Members can choose if they want to receive the digest daily, weekly or not at all. The email will always include the newest topics created from the moment they received their last digest.

Member Referral System

Spreading the word about your community and helping it grow has also become easier with our referral system. This system allows members to invite their friends, family, colleagues, and anyone who might be interested in  joining your community. Once members have invited other people, in their profiles they will be able to see who’s invited and who has actually joined. Now you can grow your community through the people that are already part of it and find out who your super-promoters are!

New Authentication Pages

One of the first things you’ll notice when seeing Platform 5 is that the Login page, Registration page and Forgot password page have received a complete design overhaul. The design is now more aligned with the mobile view, making it cleaner, more user-friendly and more welcoming.

New File System

Last but not least, we spent serious time rebuilding a large part of the platform’s core, the file system. The file system is what members use to upload their images, videos, and documents to the community. It needed an overhaul to accommodate for the increased use of online media in our communities. The overhaul was a biggy for our development team since it affects the whole platform front-end and back-end on desktop and mobile. The system is ready to deliver with the ability to upload multiple files at once, improved looks and faster processing. 

We hope you find these new features helpful and hope you will use them to make your community even more engaging. We will continue to improve CMNTY Platform and you can expect lots of more improvements in 2018. Please contact our Customer Success team at if you have questions.