CMNTY Platform Update: Laurie (3.12) Try it now!

CMNTY Platform update Laurie

CMNTY Platform update is here again! This time her name is Laurie (CMNTY Platform version 3.12). Let us tell you what is new.

Exclude answers from randomization
In the questionnaire, you can randomize answer options in, for example, multiple choice single answer and multiple choice multiple answer questions. In some cases you want to have a particular answer in a fixed place. This is now possible with the ‘exclude from randomization’ option!exclude from randomization

Send private message to a user group
The user group overview now comes with an option to send a private message within the ‘mass action function’. This makes it way more easy to send personal messages to members within certain user groups. Go ahead and get in touch!Mass update private message

Slider questions: clearer results
When analyzing the questionnaire, you might find it easy to download the PDF that shows graphs and results of your questionnaire. Now the slider question is also included showing the percentage of the given answers. This should make it way more easy for you as a community manager to analyze slider questions!Slider Analysis