CMNTY Platform version 3 is now released!

The future of Community Management is here
We are happy to announce that today CMNTY Platform version 3 has been officially released. This major upgrade introduces an all new community management interface that is perfectly fitted to the needs of the modern community manager.

CMNTY Platform 3

Phonebloks debuted CMNTY Platform 3
We are currently upgrading all our clients to the new version and the Phonebloks platform was the first to receive the upgrade.


Phonebloks founder Dave Hakkens: “In the previous interface, it became harder to find my way because the functionality grew by the minute. The new interface really hits the spot. It’s clean, stuff is easy to find and it looks really great!“.

Thanks Dave. We’re glad you like it!

The platform

CMNTY Platform is an intuitive platform that doesn’t only help you connect & inspire people. It helps you understand what excites, motivates and concerns them without needing special skills. Furthermore, the CMNTY Platform lets you create a place where members can share stories, experiences, and the wildest of ideas.

But if you don’t have time to start a community from scratch. There is a software that enables you to launch a community instantly. It allows you to start small and it grows when you grow.

Of course we are happy and proud for getting this recognition, and will continue to make sure user experience remains one of our top priorities in designing our software!

Questions? Want to see a live demo?
We hope you are as excited about this upgrade as we are. Contact us for a demo or more info!