3 Methods For Combining Surveys With Online Research Communities

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Presenting a survey to your community members probably isn’t the fist thing that comes to mind when you are looking for ways to engage your online community. However, because CMNTY Platform has a built-in questionnaire module combining “quantitative” data with “qualitative” data is a blast.This is particularly useful if you are looking to build an online research community. It takes just a few clicks to create dynamic content on the fly.

Here’s a few ideas on how to use the questionnaire module in your community platform:

1. Forum + Questionnaire

Most online research communities generate a lot of written and visual content. For moderators it can be useful to test a few hypotheses before creating more topics.  So why not conclude a discussion with asking members to fill out a survey? Because the survey is integrated, all responses that your members give will be tied to their profile, and that enables you to target new topics to specific members, based on their answers!
Online Research Communities

2. Challenge + Poll / Questionnaire

The Challenge Module is perfectly designed to generate ideas. But how would you choose the  idea that is not only the most populair but feasible as well? That’s right, just launch a Quick Poll or a one pager survey and validate that you are making the right decision.

3. Dynamic User Groups + Questionnaire

What makes the questionnaire module so powerful, is that you can create Dynamic User Groups (DUG) from the results. For example, if you want to target only the people that answered “Yes” to the question about if they have experience with buying a house, simply create a DUG based on that answer. Next you can send them a newsletter, or give them access to a special section in the forum with user grouped targeting.