Community Questionnaire Integration Combines Research


You may have noticed that we are giving our questionnaire module a big upgrade! Many of our clients have told us that they love having a questionnaire integration option in their community platform. Because this allows them to easily use member responses to create individualized and relevant experiences. This will keep members engaged and gather highly targeted data. During the past few weeks (and for the next few to come) our integrated questionnaire will continue to gain new features and higher levels of sophistication! A few recent additions that you may want to know about:

Page logic

We have improved our Page Logic. When programming your questionnaire (any question type!). You can now apply logic on questions where answers are not equal to a specified criteria.
page logic not equal to

Multiple choice grid

It has already been possible to randomize answers for Multiple Choice questions (single answer and multiple answer types). So that respondents see answer choices in a random order to avoid primacy or recency effects. Now you are also able to randomize responses in multiple choice grid questions. And psst… We have also thrown in the option to select a minimum amount of answers per row for this question type as well!
Randomize MCG

Last answer exclusive

You may want a multiple choice question where multiple answers are possible, but with one option (i.e. a “None of the above” answer) that would effectively negate other selections. When you specify that you want a question to be “last answer exclusive,” then when this last option is selected, all other selected answers will be deselected automatically!
Last answer exclusive

What’s next?

In the next releases of CMNTY Platform, we will keep continue adding questionnaire improvements while developing other features and tools to help you create, manage, and analyze your community with ease. Keep an eye out, for example, for a new version of CMNTY Panel, which will be made available soon!