Experience an Entirely Redesigned Interface with CMNTY!

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Dear CMNTY fans. We are happy to announce that we will soon be releasing CMNTY Platform 3. This major upgrade introduces an entirely redesigned admin interface to make moderator life easier. In this blog post we give you a sneak peek of what to expect.

The Nitty Gritty

Over the years, our platform’s functionality expanded fast, resulting in an admin section that grew along with it. Unfortunately, more settings also meant a less clear interface. But apart from that, the interface wasn’t responsive, meaning it didn’t use the available screen space in the best possible way. Amongst other reasons, this made us decide to give the interface a complete overhaul.

18 Months of Designing and ProgrammingSymfony-300x188.jpg

To be able to continue to support the ever growing list of functionalities, we also decided to use a new software framework called Symfony2.

Powerful web projects like Drupal, Dailymotion and Magento were all built using the Symfony2 framework or are using its components. It makes them very flexible by using bundles of code that can be rebuilt and re-used without compromising stability.

Rewriting the code to Symfony2 whilst redesigning the platform took us over 18 months. But we are proud of the results and are now ready for the future.

Task Oriented User Interface

When we started redesigning the interface, the first thing we decided was to group settings by task. Based on interviews with clients we concluded that community moderation teams go through different stages over the course of a project. From setting up the platform, to adding content, to managing user groups and finally analyzing the data. We created the main navigation to simply reflect those stages:


A Spacious Working Area & Icons for Everything

Next up was laying out the information structure for each individual task and screen. We decided to implement a sidebar menu to be able to navigate through the settings that belong to each task. Next, we gave text fields, checkboxes and other input fields more space, gave them a responsive design and included in-context tooltips to help you find your way.


In the main navigation (menu) we are using distinct coloring to help you quickly find the section you are looking for. And once you choose a section, all items underneath have their own icon, speeding up navigation.

Front-end Stays the Same

While the back-end has been built from scratch, the front-end of your platform will remain untouched. This means you won’t have to update any CSS or Javascript settings whilst enjoying the updated admin interface. Because in the first weeks, some admin functionality will still be in beta, you will be able to switch back-and-forth the old admin interface for a limited period.

The Update Process

We wil be updating platforms to version 3 soon. Because the update requires a server upgrade, this will be done in phases. Managed platforms will be updated automatically. If you own a CMNTY Cloud you will be contacted by your account manager to schedule the update.

We hope you are as excited about this upgrade as we are. If you have any questions in the meantime, then please give us a call. Our consultants are ready to assist!