Energized Community Platform With New Survey & Forum Features

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The year is flying by and summer is right around the corner. We trust you are all ready to make a splash with your communities! As for us, we have been hard at work developing new features for CMNTY Platform that we hope will get you excited about your current and upcoming projects. Below, you’ll find highlights of a few of the new survey & forum features. Enjoy!

Questionnaire – Piping

The Questionnaire module now allows you to use piping with your questions. Dynamically load previously given answers into future questions to create responsive questionnaires!

For example, let’s say you are asking about a member’s favorite food. The member responds that their favorite food is spaghetti. With piping, you can load the answer (spaghetti) into the next question so that, instead of asking Why is that your favorite food?, you can ask, Why is spaghetti your favorite food?

Imagine the possibilities!

Forum – Organization & Structure

The organization and structure of topics in the Forum module has been improved to give community managers a better overview of forum availability for community members. Community managers will be able to see forum topics divided into Active, Expired, andUpcoming categories.

Improvements are coming to help make things clearer for your community members as well. Soon, you’ll be able to decide how many forums are shown per category by default. A Show All button will allow your members to easily show (or hide) the rest of the forums. Keep an eye out for this feature!

Design – Easy Menu Color Adjustment

You can now easily use the platform template. Go to the Admin section in your platform to adjust the color of your side-navigation menu. Use our easy color-picker to set your menu color — no CSS needed anymore!

Profile Fields – Visibility By User Role

As you know, you can already choose which profile fields (name, age, interests, household income, etc.) are visible on member profile pages. However,  you can now specify which fields are visible. This is based on the role of the user who is viewing the profile with new Profile Field Permissions. For example, you may want to show only basic information to other community members, but for your clients who log in with observer roles, it may be important for them to easily see deeper demographic information. As a community manager, you may want to see all of the profile information. Being able to manage profile visibility by user role makes this a breeze!

That’s not all! 

It’s also possible to create an export of your platform design (including the CSS, image assets, email template and default avatar image), and mass resend invites by specifying a domain and/or by filtering on the last sent date to resend recent invites en masse! These are just a few of the new features we’ve added into our platform in the past few weeks, but there are many more and we invite you to look at the platform changelog for a full list.