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Amazon AWS

Recently we announced CMNTY Platform 3.0 that will bring you an all new admin interface making community management easier. To be able to fully benefit from the new platform we will be upgrading our server infrastructure as well.

Moving our servers to Amazon AWS

We spent the last couple of months investigating various providers for hosting our community software. After a long selection process we chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their flexibility and ability to comply with our increased standards.

Here is a selection of what the new infrastructure will bring us:

1. Easier scalability

Firstly, AWS is a cloud based IaaS provider (Infrastructure as a Service). It enables us to deploy virtual servers faster than with our current provider. This means that if your platform gains more traffic or needs more storage, we can more easily beef up your server.

2. Faster performance

Secondly, using AWS we can deliver faster platform performance using a High Availability caching cluster. Static content is now served to end-users instantly. If one caching server is busy, another one will take over.

3. More world wide regions

Thirdly, shown above are all the regions where AWS servers are available. This means that we can now offer more regions to our clients to deliver an even faster experience to local audiences.

These are just a few benefits of making the move. We are confident that AWS will accomodate for your and our growth in the years ahead.

Scheduled migration

Before your platform(s) can be upgraded to Platform 3.0, your current CMNTY Cloud or CMNTY Platform needs to be moved to AWS. Your account manager will contact you to discuss details and timings. Along with the move you will receive a new SLA that includes the improved service level.