Optimize Customer Journey With a Community

Insights community

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More and more, we are seeing companies recognize the importance to optimize customer journey. By understanding how someone who doesn’t know your brand can turn into a customer and then into a brand-fanatic helping you spread the gospel. You can plan ahead and allocate your company’s time and energy efficiently.

Customer journeys

Customer journeys come in all shapes and sizes. If you want a simple overview of the touch points along a purchasing process or are creating client personas to target messaging and marketing campaigns, an insights community platform or a customer journey community can help you to gather, analyze, and understand people’s behavior.

How can CMNTY Platform help?

CMNTY Platform has a variety of tools to optimize customer journey and help you gather great insights from customers. Our Journal module, for example, allows you to ask your customers to keep a diary of their purchasing process. Customers can explain the exact steps they take when they want to purchase your product. You can uncover pain points and understand preferences straight from the source.

Co-creation Challenge

Once you have identified areas that might be problematic for your consumers. You can easily setup ideation activities within your CMNTY Platform using our Challenge module. You can ask your members to send in ideas for how they would like to see these pain points improved, and co-develop a smoother customer journey with you.