Customizing Community Messaging Made Easier by CMNTY

elise_3.5_blogheader3CMNTY is proud to announce that Elise, the newest version of CMNTY’s community platform (3.5) has been made available! Elise is not just any release, it’s a big one with many exciting new features! Such as: customizing community messaging, other improvements and changes that you won’t want to miss. Here are some of the highlights:

Customize the experience!

Firstly, language overrides and permissions have both been migrated to our slick, new admin! Language overrides allow you to customize system messages and text for platform modules/widgets, and our highly customizable permission settings let you customize access to areas in, or features of your CMNTY platform, based on user roles even individual profiles. Customizing Community Messaging and access is easier and more intuitive than ever.

Security Settings

Secondly, new options have been added which allow community managers to easily manage log-in and session security. These are just one more way you can tailor your community to fit your needs.

New and Improved Content Editing

Thirdly, the days of squinting to manage your content in a small window are over! Our built-in WYSIWYG content editor can now be expanded to full-screen mode so you can completely immerse yourself in creating community content. We have also integrated an image gallery option into the editor toolbar, making previously uploaded images just a click away. No page redirections; you can stay in the zone!

Push it!

Fourthly, for those of you using our Mobile App as a part of your community, you can also manage push notifications in the new admin! Send messages directly to CMNTY App to remind and motivate your community members about important platform activities!

Data doesn’t have to be impersonal!

Fifthly, as you know, we pride ourselves in creating software that has the best user experience, both for community members and community managers. Elise now displays member avatars in user-filter dropdown areas to make it easier to select the person you are looking for.

But that’s not all!

Lastlt, current community managers using CMNTY Platform can see a full list of features and improvements in their platform changelog. We have migrated many more features from our Legacy interface to the new admin. Check out our video to see them in action!


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