Introducing New Subscription Plans for DIY Community Platforms


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We are updating our subscription plans for DIY community platforms based on the feedback we received from customers over the past 18 months. If you already have a running subscription then nothing will change for you. You can stay on your current plan. The new plans apply to new subscriptions, upgrades and downgrades only.

Introduction to DIY Community Platforms

In October 2016 we introduced a new way of building and launching an online community, based on a Do-It-Yourself and online subscription model. No longer was it necessary to pay thousands of dollars just to get started with your community idea. Now you could simply start a trial for 14 days, explore the platform and activate the features when you are ready.

Your response has been great with more and more communities being created every month. Since the launch we have not changed much with these plans. But we’ve been listening to your feedback and believe now is the time to provide more options with our subscriptions. In this post we list every change.

New Plan Names

The first thing we did was rename our DIY subscription plans to better reflect how they are being used.

Old DIY platform subscription plans:

  • Starter
  • Regular
  • Plus

New DIY platform subscription plans:

  • Personal
  • Personal Growth
  • Professional
  • Professional Growth

Schools, students, start-ups and non profits are typical users of our Personal plans. While brands, marketers, agencies and community professionals use our Professional plans. Of course this is just a rule of thumb and it’s fine to subscribe to a Personal plan for professional use or the other way around. Use Personal if you only need the basic features that come with Personal. Or when you are in the phase of setting up a new project. Use Professional when you need professional-grade features.

More Affordable Personal Plans

Previously our cheapest plan was our Starter plan at $99/mo, with the next plan being Regular at $399/mo. We received a lot of feedback from customers who said they didn’t need many of the Starter features. For them $99/mo is too big of a threshold just to get their feet wet with the platform. That’s why we now offer two new entry level plans:

  • Personal at $39/mo or € 39/mo
  • Personal Growth at $79/mo or € 79/mo

As you can see these plans are much lower priced. We were able do this by looking closely at which features were used by Starter customers and which were not. For example, the Personal plan now includes only the most used modules: Blog, Forum and Chat. The Personal Growth plan adds our very powerful Questionnaire module. We are also limiting the total number of admins in our Personal plan, and more sophisticated features like multiple language support, gamification, Google Analytics integration and user segmentation. That last one can still be used when you are on our Personal Growth plan.

Updated Professional Plans

Our Regular and Plus plans were renamed to Professional and Professional Growth. With these plans you will get unlimited access to all our modules and will get a higher member limit by default. Some functionality that used to be available in all DIY plans now requires you be at least on the Professional plan.

Our Professional plans are still our most valuable DIY plans and are targeted at skilled community professionals that don’t need much support. We did introduce a limit to the total number of admins in these plans and had to increase the price slightly to be more in line with our Premium and Enterprise offering.

  • Professional at $599/mo or € 599/mo
  • Professional Growth at $999/mo or € 999/mo

More Flexibility And Room For Growth

Two Factor Authentication included with all plans
Previously, you would find 2FA only available on our Enterprise plan. With 2FA becoming the new standard for online platforms, we decided to make it available to everyone by including it with all plans.

Higher discount on annual subscriptions
Of course we love to reward loyal customers. That’s why we increased our discount on ALL annual plans from 5% to 10%. This means you can now run a community on a Personal plan for just $421 for a whole year!

Easily lift the member limit
Previously the member limit per plan was fixed, forcing customers to upgrade to a higher plan when their community grew. With the new plans you can unlimitedly add more members to your platform while your community grows.

Easily lift the storage limit
The same applied to the storage limit. You’ll be happy to know that if you reach a storage limit because your community members upload a lot of content, you can now add extra storage to your platform on the fly.

SAML add-on for Professional and Premium Plans
Allowing to integrate CMNTY Platform with existing services that use authentication was previously only available on our Enterprise plan. SAML now comes as an add-on to our Professional and Premium plans and remains included in our Enterprise plan.

Custom Domain Name available on all plans
This was already rolled out quietly in the past months, but a custom domain name can now be added to any plan.

Compare All Plans

The full range of differences between all of our plans can be found on our compare page. If you have questions about our new plans, or are considering to switch from one of our old plans to the new ones, drop us a line.