Exporting Online Community Data For External Processing

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The need for data exports

No matter if you’re running an insights community, a customer community or a private social network, at one point in community life, exporting online community data for external processing might become a necessity for you. In this article we’d like to share the different types of data export that CMNTY Platform supports.

The export function of CMNTY Platform

1. Exporting Content

Get an overview of all generated content within your CMNTY Platform. Filter on ‘Member’ to get all profile information or select a module to get an overview of all the content within that module.

2. Exporting Activity

Create a qualitative overview of your activity level. Select ‘General’ to see activity level throughout the full platform, eg. how many Forum posts, how many Challenge ideas etc. Select one of the modules, to see the activity level per item in that module. You can even filter on a certain content item.

3. Exporting User Activity

The User activity export will give you the participation levels of your community members. Select ‘General’ to see, per member, how many items they have added per module, eg, Forum posts, Challenge ideas etc. Select ‘Badges’ to get an overview of the earned badges per member, and select ‘Points’ to see all information on points that have been earned by members.

4. Export Files

Often adding a photo, video or document is part of assignments in the platform. The File Export will get you a .ZIP file of all the files that have been added in a module or a certain content item.

5. A word about using filters

Before you create your exports, you can  filter on User Groups and/or timeframes. This will help you to create a better overview of the data you need.

If you want to know more about exports, you can always take a look at the Data Exports article in our help center. Or contact us if you need support.