How To Gather Qualitative Research Insights Using A Community Platform

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Whether you are a large or small organization, every decision maker could use some help with clearing doubts or with weighing pros and cons. Pre-testing, often done using a online research community, is an ideal way to have customers or experts look at your proposition, concept, product or marketing idea. People with fresh, out-of-the-box view might provide you with valuable feedback! Today we would like to inspire you by presenting a couple of interesting methods that can be used for pre-testing or concept testing. Thus, how to gather qualitative research with a community platform


Idea generation using the Challenge module

Firstly, if you are looking for ideas to improve your product or service, you can set up a Challenge to crowdsource ideas. The Challenge module is designed to encourage community members to collaborate on ideas. It’s the ideal way to discover how people view your concepts and new products, and what they would do to make them better. Using the Gamification Engine you can reward members for their participation with points and badges. You can even enable them to redeem points in an integrated webshop! This way you can increase participation levels and attach real life value to virtual points.


Group discussions using the Forum module

Secondly, the Forum can offer an ideal environment to discuss your product or services with your target audience. Simply invite members to your forum and let them share their experiences. Members in this virtual “focus group” will be able to reflect on your product or service, not only with you, but also with each other. This can result in valuable insights generated from your customers’ point of view. View which you may want to consider before official introduction or release. To make the forum more interactive you can upload images in the drawing tool and let members tag the things they like or dislike.

Gather personal stories. Collect pictures and videos!

Thirdly, the Journal is a great tool to gather personal opinions from your community members. A Journal is a private environment where members can reflect on their experiences with your product without influence of others. They can also upload videos and imagery to show how they use your product or service in-the-moment. The possibilities are endless!



Get quantitative data from a Questionnaire

Lastly, our community platform also comes with a Questionnaire module. This makes it very easy to combine quantitative data with the qualitative insights we’ve discussed in the previous paragraphs. Let your members answer Open, Multiple choice, Matrix scale or even Slider questions and watch the answers come in..