Guided Setup – Interactive checklist for new community platforms

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If you already are a CMNTY customer, then you know that we update your community platform every 2 weeks. Our releases may include UI improvements, bug fixes but also completely new features. In this quarterly post we’d like to summarize a few of the highlights of the past months. Especially the newest feature: Guided Setup, Interactive checklist for new community platforms! Which one is your favorite? 

CMNTY API – Rewritten, Redesigned, Reimagined

An application programming interface (API) is a bridge that allows two systems to interact with each other and exchange data. Over the past months we started rewriting our API from scratch and now proudly introduce our new CMNTY API.

If you’d like to connect your community platform to your internal systems or integrate it with other SaaS software, then our API is here to serve your needs. In the following quarters we will be further expanding the capabilities of this API based on customer feedback and our internal roadmap.

Spam Protection With reCAPTCHA

We recently introduced the ability to add Google reCAPTCHA to your registration form. CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart”. In short, it allows you to protect your registration page against spam bots. Keep your community platform nice and clean, use reCAPTCHA!

Help Setting Up Your Community With “Guided Setup”

Guided Setup is displayed as a “Dynamic Checklist” in the Admin section of the platform. A checklist with the most important to-dos that every community manager or moderator should know about when setting up CMNTY Platform.

At this moment, the checklist only lists the settings you absolutely need to touch to get started. In future we will extend the list tailored to specific uses cases. I.e. setup your Gamification Strategy, Customer CommunityInsights Community, or Private Social Network.

Full List of Features & Improvements in Q2 – 2017

  • Added Guided Setup – Interactive checklist for setting up new community platforms
  • Ability to search in users dropdown when publishing Spotlight items
  • Ability to load more users for the ‘Who is Online’ widget
  • Modules that are inactive, will not appear in gamification triggers
  • You can no longer start uploading a second attachment until the first attachment is finished uploading
  • New page available in Admin that gives you more platform info like disk size and server location
  • Fully rewritten from the ground up
  • Ability to create, read, update, resend and delete invites through the API (Premium)
  • Ability to read and delete users through the API (Premium)
  • Included API documentation inside Platform (Premium)
  • New Challenge Widget available: Related challenge ideas
  • Ability to sort Challenge Ideas by rating
  • Rating and Challenge Idea Categories can now be found in export
  • Who rated what will now be displayed for Challenges and Challenge Ideas
  • Text editor now available for Community Managers when adding Ideas in Challenge
  • Questionnaire description is now folded in from second page and further
  • 2FA login page (Premium)
  • Improved design when you use bigger fonts
  • Scaling of newsletters in Office 365 Plus Pro
  • Better visibility of upload icons on white backgrounds
  • Styling of lists in the text editor is now improved
  • Maximum number of files that can be uploaded in one post is now increased from 12 to 25
  • The News Headlines widget now shows news items with featured image instead of attachment
  • Introduced option to use reCAPTCHA for registration process. Read more about reCAPTCHA configuration.
  • Improved security for Social Login
  • Requirement of 2FA can now also be set for Custom User Roles (Premium)
  • It is now possible to register an email address with more than 30 characters in Mobile View
  • Mobile View now has a ‘remember password’ option on login page
  • Usernames require a minimum of 3 characters
  • Various security improvements

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