How Profacts Built an Insights Community For Media Research

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Profacts Insights Community for media research

Meet Karen, an insights community guru for one of the top performing Belgium research agencies. As a Senior Research Consultant at Profacts, she engages in both quantitative and qualitative research, mostly for clients in the (online) media segment. Thus, we interviewed Karen a while back on how online communities are ideal to reach people easily and gather insights quickly.

‘Our community made gathering research and insights easy.’

Firstly, Karen explains: “The first insights community for media research we did was for a prominent radio station that was interested in changing their direction a little bit. Our research focused on understanding how their listeners felt about the different artists and voices out there. How the company’s slogan was perceived, and what general impressions of the company were. We presented the community with new possibilities for the company brand. We monitored, over a series of months, how their opinions adjusted to several new directions. “

At the end their first community study, Karen was really proud of how many clear suggestions she had for her client. “In our first week, we took a close look at what community members noticed and mentioned about the brand. We collected lots of feedback and studied it closely. We only made small changes to the brand concept.

Furthermore, in the second week (months later) we tested our new concept to make sure that reactions were positive. The community had been very successful for this kind of research. It made gathering research and insights easy. To receive over 4000 contributions from just 100 community members felt amazing!!”

Because Profacts is a diverse market research agency, they see a wide range of projects and this calls for a swift toolset. Powered by CMNTY Platform. So, Karen has been able to reach more people, with greater speed, and gather high quality insights.

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