Improve Your Community User Experience With CMNTY Platform


Today, we released CMNTY Platform 4.1 (Britney) and are excited about some of the new features and flexibility that it brings to the table. Let’s take a look at what’s new!

Navigation Menu Improvements

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 14.43.26You already know that you can, of course, add modules and custom pages to your navigation menu. We’ve had a few requests, however, to also allow custom links in the menu that would allow you to direct community members to any URL they wish. Platform 4.1 will allow just that! You can now add custom links into your CMNTY Platform navigation menu and direct community members to specific assignments directly. You can skip the module overview pages. Also, you can use custom links to direct community members to external websites if you would like!

Custom Profile Fields with Date Select

Date-Select-profile-field-1-300x167.pngYou can now also use a date picker to select dates for custom profile fields. Not only is this features nice for your community member user experience, but it will help you streamline your data as well since all of the date formattings in your platform will be standardized.

Ask for birthdays, wedding dates, college graduation dates, or any other date that could be significant to your research!

Forum Topic Preview

For those of you running forum discussions in your community, you can now show a preview of your forum topic underneath your forum title to give your community members a sneak peek of what the topic is all about. Your members won’t have to click into each forum topic to see what the discussion is about! If you choose to use them, previews can help you boost engagement by drawing members into your topics.Topic description

Of course, we will keep developing CMNTY Platform, with lots of new features to come! If you have questions, or requests, do not hesitate to let us know! Drop an email to or give us a call!