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If you’ve spent a significant amount of time with consumer insights, you must have noticed a couple of things – business runs fast and trends change constantly. But, what can you do to keep up with the pace of contemporary trends? We have no secret formula to lock time in at a standstill, but we do have a list of some of the top websites for news on consumer insights in 2017.

If you feel like you’re lagging behind in current trends, subscribe to a couple of these websites and you’ll keep out of the backwaters.

1) HubSpot Marketing Blog

HubSpot Marketing Blog tops many charts as the most popular sales and inbound marketing platform in the world. (Alexa ranking: 554 – 12/28/2017) They keep growing each year, they run products on their own, and they tackle sales and marketing in an intricate, diligent, and conscientious way.

One of HubSpot’s pinnacle policies is the innovative, non-hierarchical, and unconventional approach to conducting business today. Their blog reflects their work ethic: on HubSpot Marketing Blog, you’ll find articles about today’s trends with content they themselves utilize (as they advocate transparency, such insights are shared on their blog post). 

And, yes, every day you can find a new article.

2) Moz Blog – SEO and Inbound Marketing Blog

Moz Blog specializes in inbound marketing and SEO optimization for businesses of all sizes and specializations. It provides many useful hints, tips, and advice for website improvement, more efficient research, and improved marketing content.

This is especially useful for fleeting and fast-changing SEO trends today. As Moz Blog publishes a new article on a daily basis, you’ll definitely have helpful content delivered to you on a regular basis. (Alexa ranking: 2,498 – 12/28/2017)

3) MarketingProfs

The crew from MarketingProfs operates with global marketing strategies for over half a million professional individuals all over the world. Sounds like a reliable number, right?

Whether it’s business trends, professional training, or relevant content overviews that you need, MarketingProfs’ blog is one of the places where you’ll definitely find what you are looking for. And, don’t be fooled by the variety of information available on the site. While most “general info” sites offer copy-pasted information, old news, and low-quality content at best, MarketingProfs does not. A wide net of users are prepared to confirm this: MarketingProfs is home to useful content, posted 2 to 3 times per day. (Alexa ranking: 31,953 – 12/28/2017)

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4) Adweek

Although established back in 1978, Adweek has always kept up with the pace of progress. Today, its reputation for being one of the top advertising-trade publications in the USA only confirms this.  As the leading think tank for innovative consumer insights, Adweek provides valuable news and useful trends for CMOs, creatives, content writers, and all other kinds of market-related professionals. A rather neat source of info to everyone who wants to stay up to date with digital media trends!

Adweek produces about 80-90 articles on a weekly basis. (Alexa ranking: 3,937 – 12/28/2017)

5) Content Marketing Institute

To quote Content Marketing Institute“Our mission is to advance the practice of content marketing.”

They really do follow this statement up with both practical, step-by-step guidance and insight and advice from experts. They also host an active community platform for participants to ask about or discuss the latest news and info that help businesses flourish.

While the site is full of practical, how-to guidance, you’ll also find insight and advice from the experts, and an active community for discussing the latest news, information, and advances that are moving the industry forward. Content marketing, content strategy, general research, and specific studies: Content Marketing Institute offers it all! But, let’s allow them to explain it for themselves – crazy dancing and orange suits come as a bonus! (Alexa ranking: 32,050 – 12/28/2017

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6) Reddit

insight news on an Ipad

For those who haven’t had any prior knowledge of Reddit, using this site may seem a little daunting. But, such platforms emerge today as huge insight providers and global think tanks.

Reddit, to clarify, is a platform that hosts an extremely wide variety of online communities that are centered around diverse topics. These communities and their topics can be very broad but can also get very specific.

You can use search operators as broadly or as niche-like as you want:

  • Title: keyword (e.g., title: Nike);
  • Subreddit: keyword (e.g., subreddit: Nike); and
  • URL: keyword (e.g., URL:

Ask questions, conduct research, monitor and analyze chat forums to get insights right from the source – the consumers. Reddit communities often prove themselves to be most excellent bases for gathering info. (Alexa ranking: 8 – 12/28/2017)

(Hootsuite has a nice article on how to use Reddit as a consumer insights news site! Check it out.)

7) BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo provides valuable social insights, especially useful for content marketers and startup to mid-level businesses, in order to help them express their content strategy and reveal outreach opportunities.

Their blog focuses on 3 things:

  • Startups: Students of startup methodologies use this blog as a platform to share their experiences. They cover growth hacking as well as attracting those crucial first customers when still at the beginning stages of business.
  • Inbound marketing: You will find discussions about organic ways to attract visitors to your content without any “fluff” or recycled/outdated content.
  • Influencer marketing: Find out how to establish lasting relationships with your audience/visitors/customers, and join public debates on new approaches to finding influencers and providing value.

(Alexa ranking: 15,535 – 12/28/2017)

8) Insightly

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Insightly is dedicated to offering trending, fresh, and relevant content for small business leaders who wish to master the benefits of utilizing CRM software. This is the place for new startups and businesses who seek info about specific strategies related to using sales pipelines, social media, and customer connections.

With one to two articles per week, Insightly is a lightweight package of resources for you to use until you grow to need a more complex series of concepts. (Alexa ranking: 34,384 – 12/28/2017)

9) Econsultancy

If you’re looking for insights from a team who practically lives online, Econsultancy is the group you’ll most likely be interested in. They are a global crew of advisors, trainers, and analysts at the front line of pioneering industries.

Econsultancy represents a digital bank of knowledge and expertise on interacting with customers to help them overcome challenges and master their business strategies.

Their studies host excellent studies and reports on digital community phenomena that can satisfy the geekiest of marketing experts. They cover consumer insights on everything from social media and email marketing to SEO optimization and copywriting. (Alexa ranking: 23,016 – 12/28/2017)

10) CMNTY 🙂

Not to toot our own horn, but our blog hosts articles of value for people who look for engaging, relevant, and trending content.

Designed to inspire people to take action with insightful topics. CMNTY Platform allows you to study consumer insights on products and general news related to global trends. We like to keep things simple, effective, and informative.  So does our community.

But, don’t take our word for it. Share your opinion with us!