Insights Communities Now Certified For Digital Analytics Standard

We close off the year with pride by announcing that CMNTY Corporation has successfully passed all quality tests during an intensive audit session run by KCC, an independent auditor assigned by the Dutch Market Research Association (MOA) for the Digital Analytics Certificate.

This “Digital Analytics certificate ” is a new standard based on the more traditional ISO 20252 and ISO 26362. The new Analytics certificate incorporates rules and quality measures for passive data collection (i.e. aggregating tweets, Facebook messages) or data uploaded to insights communities.

The official audit report states that “CMNTY meets all requirements set for the security of data, customer data and software” and “CMNTY’s internal control of operations throughout every process aspect is excellent.“.

Of course we are very proud of these results and we are confident to continue to be a strong Community partner to our clients!

The platform

CMNTY Platform is an intuitive platform that doesn’t only help you connect & inspire people. It helps you understand what excites, motivates and concerns them without needing special skills. Furthermore, the CMNTY Platform lets you create a place where members can share stories, experiences, and the wildest of ideas. But if you don’t have time to start a community from scratch. There is a software that enables you to launch a community instantly. It allows you to start small and it grows when you grow. Of course we are happy and proud for getting this recognition, and will continue to make sure user experience remains one of our top priorities in designing our software!