Integrate Location Information and Track Participation Now!


CMNTY Platform 4.7, Hailey, has just been released. Our newest software update brings exciting new features to your online community platforms. Check out a few of the highlights, below:

Geolocation available in Journal, Forum, and Challenge

Are you looking at in-context experiences? Do you want to be able to integrate location information into your analysis? You’ve come to the right platform. Geolocation is now part of CMNTY Platform’s Journal, Forum, and Challenge Modules so you can collect information about where your members are posting content. The best part? Geolocation is now as easy as flipping a switch on a users’ profile page!

Dynamic User Groups with a maximum number of members

Hailey has improved the user group system by allowing you to set a maximum number of members for a Dynamic User Group. With this feature you can create, for example, a dynamic user group with exactly 20 members (chosen randomly) who meet the criteria you’ve set for a group.

Story redesign

The printable version of your stories in CMNTY Story have received a make-over! Check out this printable version quickly to see how the design has improved!

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 13.58.29Click image to see a full page.

That’s not all! Want to see what other improvements Hailey brought, please check out the Changelog in your platform!