Introducing Integrated API Functionality for Your Community.

CMNTY’s Community Platform 3.4 is now available! We like her so much, we’ve named her Danielle! Now available: Integrated API Functionality for your community. Read below to see what else is new!

API Improvements 

First, we are introducing integrated API functionality that you can control right from your admin dashboard. You will notice two new options underneath CMNTY API.  “API Client” lets you set up your third party app or dashboard and “API Documentation” contains information for your developer to refer to.


Second, Danielle works with all the same language options you’ve become accustomed to using with CMNTY, but now also includes Swedish! We are adding new languages all the time and, as always, welcome your suggestions.


Third, Danielle allows you to create PDF exports of both questionnaire and poll data, and campaigns can also now be exported in the new admin interface.

Keep up to date! 

Fourth, as a community manager, you will always have access to a full list of new features, improvements, and bugfixes as they happen in our changelog. Questions on new features? Please let us know! Send an email to or give us a call!

NL: +31 (0)40 851 92 50
USA: +1 (646) 712 9949

Stay tuned, and happy community managing!