Integrated Text Editor for Building your Community Platform

Update Carrie
Carrie, you will know her name. Why? Because Carrie is the latest release of CMNTY’s Community Platform, which brings us to version 3.3. Let’s uncover some of the improvements in Carrie. In this update: Integrated Text Editor for Building your Community Platform and many more!

Improved Questionnaire module

From now on it is possible to program your questionnaire using the new admin section instead of using the Legacy Interface. You can now finally enjoy the improved user experience of Platform 3 when programming questionnaires. (Please be advised that if you use routing in your questionnaires, you will still need the Legacy. We are bringing routing to Platform 3 soon).


New version of the Redactor text editor

Redactor, the integrated text editor of Platform 3, has been updated to Version 10. This makes the editor more stable and includes support for the newest browsers.

Redactor 10

What can you expect from upcoming Carrie versions?

With Platform 3 we are phasing out the Legacy Admin Interface. This means that later this year, the Legacy Interface will have disappeared completely. From this Carrie 3.3 version, we will gradually remove parts from the Legacy Interface until you can completely run your community using the new interface.

There is more with Carrie 3.3!

View the changelog in your platform for all the changes and fixes we’ve made.

Are you already on Carrie?
Curious if your platform has been updated to Carrie? If you are running a Managed Platform, your platform(s) already received the update. If you are making use of our CMNTY Cloud solution, Carrie 3.3 is now available in CMNTY Cloud!

Prefer to see the new features in action? Check out our video:
[vimeo 136774120 w=680 h=382]

Want a personal introduction to Carrie? Do not hesitate to contact us at or call us at:
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USA: +1 646.712.9949