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Everyone is adapting more and more to the new norm of digital environments. To support our customers, we’ve released Focus back in April to support them in transitioning offline Focus Groups and IDI’s to online environments. Since that moment, we’ve been introducing monthly updates to Focus to hand our customers the tools they need. We’ve introduced Chats, Moderation Tools and WhiteBoard in June, Raise Hands and Tech Checks in July, and improved these options during August and September based on customer input.

Starting this week, we introduce another highly requested feature for Focus to all of our customers: Polls. Whether you want to identify which topics require more in-depth discussion or you want to get people’s thoughts, polls are a great way to collect the results quickly. You can easily share the results back to the attendees, allowing you to get more in-depth on the topic itself.

Launching a Poll in Focus as a Moderator

With Polls in Focus, moderators can set up multiple questions and launch these polls during the sessions. Both Moderators and Observers will be kept up-to-date in real-time while attendees answer the poll. When everyone answered the poll, Moderators can decide to share the results back to the attendees or close the poll. While analyzing the session afterward, Moderators and Observers can review the results given.

Are you interested in knowing more about how to launch Polls during your Focus Session? Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or connect with us here.

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