How to Invite People to Your Community Platform Effectively

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You Can Never Make a Second First Impression

Anyone who has ever spent time agonizing over fonts and images in a branding message, or even just debated what to wear before an important event knows how true the above statement is.

When you are building a community this is no different. We understand that you want to put your best foot forward. Exactly why these tips on inviting people to join your community are a must read.

The Importance of an Invite

Once you’ve designed your community and created activities, you half way there. Of course, you can’t just sit and wait people will magically find their way to your platform. There is one important part to getting people to join your online hive: the invite.

CMNTY Platform allows for a few different methods of inviting members to your community. Choose the method that fits your needs best.

Option 1: Inviting Members Manually

Inviting members manually is the most commonly used method for growing smaller, private communities. Our invitation system allows you to enter an email address (or multiple, separated by commas). Next you select a language (for multilingual communities), the desired user role and user group membership. Finally you can send invites with a single click. You can also edit invitation text all within the same page.

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Option 2: Importing Email Addresses

For larger communities, you can also import members using a CSV file. Your CSV can include any profile information you want to include for your members so that you won’t have to leave any information behind if you are migrating from another system. Keeping all of your profile information in tact will also allow you to use dynamic usergroups to curate each member’s experience once they are in  your community.

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Option 3: Using Invite Tokens

Typically, if you do not want to make your platform open or allow members to register themselves, an invite requires an email address. However, there may be situations when you will want to restrict access to only a specific group of people, but you don’t have their email addresses.

For cases like these, CMNTY Platform allows you to create unique tokens to distribute. Your audience will need to enter their unique token (one-time use) in order to join your community.

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Alternatives and Questions

If you have questions about how to send invites, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are happy share more best practices.

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