Build ISO 20252 Certified Insights Communities

ISO 20252

At CMNTY Corporation we value product quality and project excellence. We find it really important to deliver high quality services to our clients and stay ahead of the game. This is extra important when providing community platforms for collecting marketing insights. To be able to do so, our internal processes are continuously monitored by a dedicated Quality Manager. An independent quality institute also audited us annually.

As a result, we’ve already received the MOA Quality Standard for Digital Analytics in late 2013.  Last month, we got audited for ISO 9001 and ISO 20252 and CMNTY passed all tests.

What do the certificates mean?

  • The ISO 9001 certificate is a general certificate for Quality Management Systems. It means all of our internal processes are clearly written down. And a dedicated Quality Manager will need to approve new processes before they move into place.
  • The ISO 20252 certificate stands for Quality Management within Market Research Services. It means that the market research agencies we work for can be sure that we will deliver insight community platforms according to worldwide standardised requirements for conducting (online) market research.
  • Finally, the MOA Quality Standard for Digital Analytics is an international quality standard for digital analytics and big data analysis. We were one of the first six agencies to receive this certificate.