Johan Gets Symfony Certification


We wanted to take a quick break from our software and industry posts to recognize Johan de Ruijter. A two year veteran of the CMNTY development team, who recently took the Symfony Certification Exam and passed!

As you know, if you have been following our blog. At CMNTY we take great pride in knowing that we are developing cutting edge software that delivers far past the expectations of our clients. Our nimble team uniquely positions us to disrupt the industry, creating innovative tools with a superior user experience.

Therefore, in order to continue delivering software that meets the high bar that we have set for ourselves. We also need to make sure that our developers are continuing their own professional development so that they can contribute to our high quality community software. An important part to working in our environment is to be able to understand the Symfony Framework. Upon this framework the vast majority of our software is built.  The symphony framework is a set of separate, reusable components that all  manage files, translations, and forms.

Johan explains, “I like coding because it’s like solving puzzles all day long. Symfony provides a lot of the edge pieces so you can focus on the core of the application.”

Congratulations Johan! We are proud to have you on our team!

More information about Symfony:

More information about the certification: