How A Lufthansa Community Drives Employee Engagement

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Markus Eichel is operational manager at Lufthansa’s School of Business.


Back in in 2015, Lufthansa was looking for an online community platform that would be able to run alongside internal workshops that were being given at the Lufthansa School of Business. The primary goal of the platform was to have 500-800 employees collaborate and discuss topics that were covered in live workshops. Markus explains: “When we actually started looking into different software providers, we found that it was really important to have a responsive, mobile-ready platform. We knew that the platform was going to be used by ‘digital natives’ who were constantly on their phones as well as employees who didn’t necessarily use mobile devices on a daily basis. And we couldn’t get that ‘feel’ from any platform out there, except from CMNTY.”


Ease of use has always been a focus point of the design team within CMNTY and that is one of the things that attracted Lufthansa to the platform. “We started with a trial and soon found out that everyone liked the platform because it is clean, simple, and intuitive. Other platforms felt big, massive, and, ultimately lacked flexibility. With CMNTY Platform, I like that you can adjust it and customize it to your needs. It’s really easy to react quickly based on the needs of our community.” says Markus.Lufthansa Community


Members felt that their contributions were worthwhile, and that, through the platform, they could get their ideas and opinions in front of top-management. A really unique situation for most companies.

Markus’ advice to others who are considering running an online community is to use rich media like images and videos to keep community members interested, and to check in on how things are going every single day. “If members don’t feel that you are reacting to their input they will not return to the platform. Luckily CMNTY provides you with the tools to inspire and keep conversations flowing!”