How Lufthansa Built an Enterprise Innovation Community

Professional development

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Lufthansa Innovation Community


Meet Markus, an innovative, forward-thinker who helps businesses get the most from their professional development. As a strategic HR-manager for Lufthansa, Markus wanted an innovation community to connect different divisions of the company. He wanted employees to be able to share their experiences and easily connect with each other through an online innovation community to discuss topics from professional development workshops to continue meaningful conversations and reinforce learnings.

‘[CMNTY Platform] made it really easy to react quickly based on the needs of our community.’

When Markus was looking for a community solution, he knew that he wanted the conversations to grow organically. Therefore flexibility to allow him to react and redirect conversations while listening was a priority. It was also very important that the community be accessible both through desktop as well as mobile. Some of the members were ‘digital natives,’ while others did not use mobile devices on a daily basis. Therefore in the community he did not want to exclude people.

Markus tells us: “We have worked with other platforms before but they were big, massive, and, ultimately the lack of flexibility kept them from being able to fulfil our needs.”

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